Restricted Air Transport Pilot (R-ATP) Certificate

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The School of Aviation proudly offers graduates pursuing airline pilot careers the opportunity to do so with a reduced number of flight hours. Under our FAA Authorization, our graduates may realize a 250- or 500-hour reduction to earn the Restricted Airline Transport Pilot certificate. This certificate allows them to serve as a co-pilot until obtaining the required 1500 hours of aeronautical experience for a captain position.

How it Works

While you are a student at SIU, you will work with your academic advisor to ensure you take the courses approved in the FAA’s authorization. These will include courses in Aviation Flight, Aviation Management, and/or Aviation Technologies.

After graduating with your SIU Aviation Flight, Aviation Management, and/or Aviation Technologies degree, along with the required number of credit hours in approved coursework, you will seek out an entry level pilot position to gain the aeronautical experience required for the R-ATP certificate. Examples of these positions include serving as a flight instructor, corporate pilot, or ferry pilot.

Upon earning the required experience, contact the School of Aviation for a Certifying Statement, a document that verifies your graduation from SIU and completion of the approved coursework. Armed with this statement, you may then apply to take the FAA’s ATP knowledge and practical tests.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)