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The Department of Aviation Management and Flight (AVMAF) at Southern Illinois University recognizes that an effective Safety Management System (SMS) is vital to the success and longevity of the Aviation Flight Program. Therefore, we are committed to the implementation and maintenance of a fully functional SMS and to the continuous improvement of the SMS throughout the airport and flight training environment. This will help create a strong safety culture and enable all employees, students and guests to operate in a safe environment. 

All employees and individuals in the department have the responsibility to perform their duties and activities in the safest practical manner. The Safety Review Committee (SRC) will establish specific safety-related objectives and will periodically publish and distribute those objectives to all employees. To ensure that these are met, the safety objectives will be monitored, measured, and tracked.

We are committed to providing the necessary financial, personnel, and other resources to establish and maintain a fully functional SMS and create a strong safety culture. We have established a confidential employee reporting system to report all hazards, accidents, incidents, and safety issues without fear of punishment. Activities involving intentional disregard for FAA regulations or organizational policies and procedures, illegal activities, and/or illicit drugs or alcohol use/abuse may be subject to disciplinary action.

Safety information will be conveyed to all employees through postings, safety website updates, meetings, and any other means to ensure all employees are aware of the hazards and risks associated with the flight training environment. This safety policy will be periodically reviewed to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate to the organization.

Mike Burgener, Interim Chair
Accountable Executive
Department of Aviation Management and Flight

Ken Bro, Chief Flight Instructor
Aviation Flight

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