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Safety Policy

AvTech SMS: Safety Policy 


Accident - An unintentional act resulting in an unauthorized and or unintended safety risk to the person committing the act or other person(s).

Hazard - A danger or risk.

Incident - An intentional act resulting in an unauthorized and or intentional safety risk to the person committing the act or other person(s).

SMS Sector -  The main sections of the SMS

  1. AvTech Safety Policy

  2. AvTech SMS Safety Officers

  3. Reporting System

  4. Action System



AVT - Aviation Technologies

AvTech - Aviation Technologies

FAA - Federal Aviation Administration

OSHA - Occupational Safety and Health Administration

SIU - Southern Illinois University

SMS - Safety Management System



The Southern Illinois University Aviation Technologies Department (AvTech) along with the AvTech Safety Management System (SMS) Committee will create and update Safety related Objectives that will periodically published and distributed to all employees and individuals if deemed necessary. To ensure the objectives are met the Objectives will be monitored, measured, and tracked. The SMS’s Main Objectives are as follows:

  1. We aim to voluntarily comply with SIU safety standards and regulations.

  2. Have the AvTech SMS completely implemented by 2018 and all SMS sectors fully functioning.

    1. AvTech Safety Policy

    2. AvTech SMS Committee Operations

    3. Reporting System

    4. Action System

  3. Efficient tracking of events  



The AvTech Department is committed to providing a safe, healthy, and secure environment for our students, faculty, staff, and guests. AvTech recognizes the importance of implementing and maintaining a  efficient Safety Management System (SMS) to help create and sustain a culture that promotes the fundamental objectives stated above as well as other objectives published by the AvTech SMS Committee, Faculty, Staff, and Administration. Our faculty and staff stand by the AvTech Safety Management System to show their support for the operation and development of the system and will ensure all aspects of the AvTech SMS are understood and complied with throughout all levels of the department.



The AvTech SMS utilizes anonymous reporting, training, and internal audits as part of the Safety Risk Management System (SRMS) to mitigate risk and ensure education of the of the AvTech SMS and AvTech Safety procedures and processes.



The AvTech SMS utilizes anonymous reporting from within the Aviation Technologies Department from students, faculty, and staff to gather information on accidents, Incidents, safety issues, and hazards found within the department’s operation areas without fear of reprisal. There are two types of reports, one for  Incidents/Accidents and one for Hazards. Incident/Accident Reports are used to address incidents, accidents, and safety issues (not related to hazards) within the Aviation Technologies' operation areas.


The Safety and Hazard reports are sent to the AvTech SMS Committee where they will be evaluated and if the risk is found to be unacceptable, will recommend safety policies to the AvTech Faculty and Administration, recommend changes existing policies, and or will deal with the hazard to mitigate the risk within the departmental operating areas. An educational summary of Safety / Hazard Reports may be published.


Disciplinary Actions

Any activity found to be in violation of the SIU Student Code of Conduct, Illinois State and or Federal law are subject to disciplinary action. DIsciplinary actions will be determined on a case by case basis by the AvTech Faculty and Administration.


Emergency Response Plan

A general Emergency Response Plan can be found at