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Online Aviation Maintenance Management Specialization

The Aviation Maintenance Management specialization is an online degree completion program that offers graduates from two-year FAA Part 147, avionics, and other aviation-related programs, who are already working professionals, the opportunity to pursue a Bachelors of Science in Aviation Technologies degree completely through distance education.  Individuals are able to use previous coursework from an accredited institution and/or related work experience as required credit hours. 

This specialization is ideally suited for those individuals who fall into at least one of the following categories:

  1. Completed an FAA Part 147Aircraft Maintenance Technician School
  2. Currently, hold Airframe and/or Powerplant certification
  3. Completed an associate degree in aircraft maintenance or electronics
  4. Has equivalent civilian or military experience

The following courses are those offered in the Aviation Maintenance Management specialization:

  • AVT 329  Avionics Communication and Navigation Systems Transition
  • AVT 370  Reliability, Maintainability and Fault Prediction Analysis
  • AVT 475  Aerospace Lean Manufacturing and Maintenance Practices
  • AVT 478  Aerospace Business and Industry Financial Practices
  • AVT 380  Aerospace Supply Chain Logistics
  • AVT 485  Aviation Maintenance Shop Operations
  • AVT 488  Advanced Aviation Safety Procedures
  • AVT 390  Management Information Systems for Aerospace Applications
  • IMAE 470A  Six Sigma Green Belt
  • IMAE 450  Project Management or TRM 470  Project Management
  • AVT 319/320 Aviation Technologies Internship/Cooperative Experience or AVT 358  Aviation Technology Work Experience