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Flying Salukis Win Regional Championship

Please join us in congratulating the Flying Saluki’s for their recent win at the SAFECON Region 8 flying competition hosted by Purdue University. The competition at this event included Purdue University and Lewis University. The Salukis won the overall event trophy and came in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in most of the individual events as well! Read more on SIU Today.

Preflight Inspection - Trent Medernach 1st place
Aircraft Rec - Nick Weber 1st place, Andrew Finer 2nd place, Trent Medernach 3rd place
Coach of the Year - Teddy Keenan
Computer Accuracy - Andrew Finer 1st place, Jon Ezell 2nd place, Colin Heisler 3rd place
Ground Trainer - Andrew Finer 2nd place
Message Drop - Andrew Finer/Warren Wudtke 1st place, Jon Ezell/ Angel Cochran 2nd place
Power - off Landing - Brody Wilson 1st place, Andrew Finer 2nd place, Jon Ezell 3rd place
Soft Field Landing - Jon Ezell 1st place, Robert Kay 2nd place
SCAN - Robert Kay 1st place, Jon Ezell 2nd place, Matt Browning 3rd place
Top Pilot - Jon Ezell 1st place, Robert Kay 2nd place, Matt Browning 3rd place

The Salukis came in first overall and first in nearly all of the individual events too! This is their 8th straight regional title. Now they move on to the National competition in May!

2018 Flying Salukis


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