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While we do not require students to complete an internship to graduate, we strongly encourage you to participate in one.


  • May vary from one semester to a full year in length
  • May be paid or unpaid
  • Can add value to your degree
  • Can help you decide where to work in the future
  • Take place all over the United States
  • Range from Boeing Co. to the Commemorative Air Force
  • May lead to a job offer!

Normally available to Juniors and Seniors the SIU Alumni Association's Externship Program is an amazing opportunity for both students and industry professionals to meet each other and interact within a professional environment for one week gaining a inside understanding of the industry and the many career paths available to our students after they graduate. The program helps students better understand the industry and see what industry professionals do and what path they took and why.

In the past we have had many great opportunities for our students to attend:

  • General Electric Aviation
  • Rockwell Collins
  • Fort Lauderdale Airport
  • And many more!

If you are interested in hosting a student or two, and providing them with amazing opportunities please visit today for more information.


Many SIU Aviation Technologies students have a job offer even before they graduate.

Your advisor may remind you multiple times, but the ideal job candidate:

  • Has a good GPA, at least B average
  • Is known and liked by other students and faculty
  • Participates in aviation student groups and events
  • Has worked as a student worker, undergraduate assistant, doing grant research, or other, showing dedication, commitment, and ability to balance work/life/school

Aviation Technologies students hear about jobs through departmental listserv emails, @SIU_AVT tweets, word of mouth, internships, alumni connections, other social networks, and more. Contact your academic advisor if you would like help in starting this process

A listing of jobs may be found here: Aviation Jobs