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SIU AvTech Safety Management System

What is the AvTech Safety Management System?

The SIU Aviation Technologies Safety Management System (SMS) takes the combination of internally submitted Safety Reports, investigative Risk Management, Hazard Analysis, and Implementation to help create a healthy, safe, and secure environment for our department to operate.

Hazard/Safety (Incident/Accident) Reporting

Anyone within the Aviation Technologies Department may submit a Safety / Hazard Report. When a Safety / Hazard Report is submitted it will be received by the SMS Safety Officers who will review the report and if deemed necessary will create new Safety Policies or change existing ones to help prevent the incident and or Hazard in the future. The Safety Reports may also be used to investigate any maleficence.

Should you file a Incident/Accident Report?

Incident/Accident Reports are used by the AvTech SMS Safety Officers and the Aviation Technologies Department to address safety incidents, accidents, and issues within the Aviation Technologies Operation Areas.

Safety Reports should be filed if:

  1. You witnessed an accident / Incident.
  2. You were involved in an accident / Incident.
  3. You feel unsafe in any AvTech Operations Area (where lectures / labs are held).
  4. You see an unsafe action performed by a Student, Faculty, and or Staff Member.

There are no repercussions for submitting a Safety Report but any actions found to be against the Student Code of Conduct or the law are subject to disciplinary action.

Should you file a Hazard Report?

Hazard Reports help the AvTech SMS Safety Officers and the Aviation Technologies Department to quickly and efficiently identify and handle hazards within the Aviation Technologies Operation Areas.

Hazard Reports should be filed if:

  1. There is a hazard that cannot be immediately resolved by the student(s) who spotted the hazard.
  2. To report a possible hazard within either the AvTech Hangar, AvTech Ramp Area, Helicopter Hangar, Test Cell, other places pertaining to the Aviation Technologies Department. For example: equipment / engine fluids on the floor, Aircraft jacked but not properly roped off, piece of equipment not properly secure.

Who will see the report?

The Safety (Incident/Accident) / Hazard Reports are sent to the AvTech SMS Safety Officers listed below:

Karen Johnson - 

Daniel Mattingly -

Matthew Harrison - 

AvTech Committee Members

AvTech Chairman

Once a report is filed, the AvTech SMS Committee will investigate and review the report and will handle the Hazard or Safety Issue according to the SMS Committee Policies.

When filing a Incident/Accident Report you will have the option of allowing the report to be used for educational uses. If you select this option a copy of the original report will be made and any personal information will be removed from the report and the report will be published in the AvTech SMS Safety/Hazard Report Data Base and the report may be accessed at any time by anyone who has access to the Data Base. 

Where can you submit a Safety (I/A) / Hazard Report?

Submit Safety and Hazard Reports via the link below.

AvTech SMS Safety / Hazard Report Form

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