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Restricted ATP

The FAA has approved a modified version of the Restricted Air Transport Pilot, or R-ATP, for SIU Aviation. That means that students majoring in AF and AVT will now qualify for the full reduction in the R-ATP hours!

Besides adding the AVT major to the R-ATP document, we have also added the following specific classes to count towards R-ATP:

  • AVT 101--Applied Sciences
  • AVT 112--Aircraft Electricity
  • AVT 203--Aircraft Aerodynamics
  • AVT 305--Cabin Environment and Jet Transportation Systems
  • AVT 405--Flight Management Systems

For SIU Aviation Flight and SIU Aviation Management students, this opens up new options for completing your R-ATP hours. 

The policy is to allow a 5-year look back, which means graduates in the past 5 years can qualify under this modification.

Please contact our advisor Rachel Lee at rllee@siu.edu with any questions.