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The Aviation Technologies Gulfstream landing for the last time at its new home in Carbondale Illinois.

Minor in Aircraft Product Support

The minor in Aircraft Product Support is a multi-disciplinary minor sponsored by Aviation Management, Aviation Flight, and Aviation Technologies. The purpose of this minor is to provide additional preparation for students who wish to enter the field of aircraft product support with aerospace manufacturers, suppliers, airlines, the military and related aviation/aerospace industry segments. The courses  required to complete this minor include: Aviation Management 301 or 376, 461, Aviation Technologies 370, 380, 390 and one additional approved course from either Aviation Management or Aviation Technologies degree program. All prerequisites for these courses must be fulfilled prior to enrollment in each course. All students who wish to enroll in this minor must do so through either the Aviation Management advisor or the Aviation Technologies advisor. Aviation Management students must complete Aviation Management 301 in their major. Aviation Technologies students must complete Aviation Management 376 in their major.