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Alumni gathered for the 50th Anniversary of Aviation Technologies in 2015


Graduating from the Department of Aviation Technologies at SIU Carbondale is just the beginning of your journey. You will always be an important part of the of Saluki family

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SIU Alumni Association

The SIU Alumni Association is the largest and oldest organization at SIU, but has enjoyed its greatest period of growth in the last 20 years. The Association was established in 1896 by a group of students who wanted to continue their involvement with their Alma-mater after graduation.


Mike Peter's is an alum and incredible supporter of SIUC Aviation. This database is kept to help alumni get in touch with each other for networking, or just for catching up.

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Did SIUC Aviation help you get started in your career? Please take a moment to give back to the program and students. Donations can be specified for use by various funds including individual scholarships. 

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