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Our donors continue Aviation's mission by supporting programs aimed to implement positive changes in aviation programs and aspiring leaders.


$ William R. Norwood Aviation Scholarship

$ Jerry L. Kennedy Aviation Career Advancement Scholarship

$ Tom Young SIU Flight Team Development Fund

$ LuAnn Gatewood and Gina Gatewood Trover Memorial Scholarship

$ James and Helen Newby Aviation Scholarship

$ Ryan McShane Hope FLYS Scholarship

$ 50th Anniversary Fund

$ Matthew K. Meier Faith Family Friendship Fortitude Future Aviation Management Scholarship

$ Herbert H. Howell Memorial Aviation Management Scholarship

$ Michael R. Peters Aviation Scholarship

$ Victor Davis Memorial Aviation Scholarship

$ Joseph A. Messina II Aviation Explorers Scholarship for Aviation Students

$ George J. Priester Memorial Scholarship

$ C. Gene and Robbi Seibert Aviation Management Scholarship

$ Ray Plote Aviation Scholarship

$ Bill Garton Memorial Aviation Scholarship

$ Larry B. Byerly Memorial Aviation Scholarship

$ Steven Staples Memorial Aviation Scholarship

$ Frasca International Scholarship

$ Esther Noffke Memorial Aviation Scholarship

$ Dr. David A. NewMyer Scholarship

$ Kevin Duffy Moore Endowed Scholarship

$ Eric Jones Memorial Scholarship Endowment

$ D. Rich Memorial Scholarship Endowment

$ J. E. Price Aviation Technologies Scholarship

$ DaRosa Memorial Scholarship Endowment


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