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Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals

Founded in 1976, the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals (OBAP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the encouragement and advancement of minorities in all aviation and aerospace careers.

OBAP members encourage diversity in the industry by supporting aspiring aviation professionals through mentoring, scholarships, training and youth-focused education programs through Project Aerospace.


We exist to Inspire Excellence: we Support, Transform, Educate and Mentor Black Aerospace Professionals. 


We believe in a world where Black Professionals have fair access to opportunities in the aerospace industry. 


  • To motivate youth to become educationally prepared for life
  • To increase minority participation in aviation and aerospace through exposure, training, mentoring and scholarships
  • To increase the number of underrepresented minority professionals, engineers, scientists and management personnel in aviation and related industries
  • To better assist our organization, membership concerns and constituencies.

(excerpt from the OBAP website, Visit for national membership details, event, and volunteer information)

The purpose of OBAP SIU as an RSO:

  • Promote diversity in the Southern Illinois aviation community, and specifically, the advancement of African Americans and other minorities in the aviation industry
  • Create a community dedicated to the service of bringing minority youth into the industry, and into the SIU Aviation program
  • Represent Southern Illinois University at the annual OBAP convention


OBAP SIU Constitution

Faculty Leadership

Matthew Romero

Student Leadership

President and Founder
Vernecelyn Allen

Vice President
Marcel Cooper

Please email for any questions or concerns