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Student Organizations

Alpha Eta Rho

Alpha Eta Rho is a professional, co-ed fraternity founded to bring together students having a common interest in the field of aviation.

Aviation Ambassadors

The SIUC Aviation Ambassadors is a small organization of students whose passion is to not only introduce and educate prospective students about SIUC’s Aviation Flight program, but also to spread their enthusiasm of aviation to people of all ages and interests. This is accomplished by participating in various community activities, aviation career days, and personal airport tours.

Aviation Management Society

This organization at SIU Carbondale is specifically designed for people who have an interest in aviation and a desire to learn more. AMS provides many opportunities to get involved in various exciting ways through field-trips, special events, and enthusiastic weekly meetings. There is no prerequisite to become a member; any SIU student is welcome to join. For a small membership fee, you will be granted access to the world of aviation. Along the way you might run into some contacts who could get you your dream job, and could end up changing your future. Our goal is to inform our members about all things aviation, and broaden their horizons for many years to come.

The Annual AMS Career Fair and Banquet will be held on Friday, November 8. The Career Fair will take place from 9am to 3pm at the SIU Transportation Education Center at Southern Illinois Airport. The Banquet will begin at 7pm in the Carbondale Civic Center. Further details can be found on their Facebook page.

Flying Salukis

The SIUC Flying Salukis Flight Team has been a hallmark of academic excellence in the Aviation Flight Department for over 30 years. Composed of select students from the Aviation Flight program, the Flying Salukis train for competition on the regional and national levels. Competition ground events include Aircraft Recognition, Preflight, the Simulator event, the Simulated Comprehensive Aircraft Navigation event, and the Manual Flight Computer event. Flying events include Short Field Landings and Power-Off Landings, Message Drop, and the Navigation Event. Tryouts for the Flying Salukis Flight Team are held at the beginning of every fall semester.

NGPA logo

National Gay Pilots Association

The National Gay Pilots Association is the largest organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and straight pilots, aviation professionals, and enthusiasts from around the world. Our members include recreational and commercial pilots, flight instructors, air traffic controllers, mechanics, airport managers, and other aviation professionals and enthusiasts from the United States and abroad.


Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals

Founded in 1976, the Organization of Black Aerospace Professionals is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the encouragement and advancement of minorities in all aviation and aerospace careers. OBAP members encourage diversity in the industry by supporting aspiring aviation professionals through mentoring, scholarships, training and youth-focused education programs through Project Aerospace.

Rotor and Wing Association of America

The Rotor and Wing Association of America was founded in 1982 by students in the Department of Aviation Technologies and Dr. Charley Rodriguez. While it's original interest was focused on rotor-craft, the focus of the club quickly expanded and now includes promoting all aviation.

Saluki Flight

Saluki Flight, a subunit of the Shawnee Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol, is a registered student organization (RSO) of Southern Illinois University Carbondale. The Civil Air Patrol is an all-volunteer force dedicated to its three missions, which are Aerospace Education, Emergency Services and Cadet Programs. Saluki Flight seeks to enhance the learning experience of its members at SIUC by giving them access to Civil Air Patrol training and the largest fleet of Cessna aircraft in the world while simultaneously offering the opportunity to serve the community. Meeting information is listed on the Shawnee Composite Squadron website (

Women in Aviation

This student organization is to promote Women in Aviation. In March 2010 they become a Provisional Chapter of Women in Aviation, International organization. They are currently working on obtaining official status. The Saluki Aviator chapter is chapter number 100.  Women in Aviation plays an active role in the community. They run a program for kids called "Let's Wing It" in the spring and they also attend the Women in Aviation Conference every year.

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