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Off Campus Aviation Management Programs

The Aviation Management Bachelor of Science is designed to build upon technical training in aviation maintenance, flight, avionics technology, air traffic control, aircraft operations support, and other aviation-related technical fields. This career-oriented degree meets the educational needs of individuals who have aviation-related work experience and/or technical training from military schools, technical institutes, community colleges, proprietary institutions, or industry training programs.

The degree program consists of three parts:

  1. A 48 semester-hour major with courses in a weekend format that spans four semesters.
  2. 34 semester-hours of career electives that can be satisfied with previously completed military schools, community college or technical school courses/degree, aviation certification, other technical or industry training programs, or aviation related work experience.
  3. And 38 semester-hours of University Core Curriculum (general education) that can be completed from transfer credit from other accredited institutions, including community colleges, CLEP, DANTES, or proficiency testing.