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AVM 300-3 Introduction to Aviation Management Research

An introduction to library resources, electronic media resources and formal academic writing styles common to aviation management research. Introduction to basic theories, concepts and practices pertinent to aviation management. Independent study.

AVM 301-3 Aviation Management Writing and Communication

This course is a study of the writing and communication skills used by managers in the aviation industry. Foundations of technical writing style and documentation are followed by descriptions of specific aviation-related technical writing applications such as correspondence, grants, manuals, progress reports and promotional materials. Specialized skills such as conflict resolution, technical presentations and electronic communication complete the course.

AVM 319A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I-1 to 15 Aviation Occupational Internship

Each student will be assigned to a program approved work site engaged in activities related to the student’s academic program and career objectives. The student will be assigned to an unpaid, internship position and will perform duties and services in an instructional setting as previously arranged with the sponsoring work site supervisor. (a) Airline, (b) Airport, (c) Corporate aviation, (d) Fixed base operation, (e) Flight instruction, (f) Air traffic control, (g) Government, (h) Consulting firm, (i) Other, as arranged. Prior program approval, supervisor evaluations and student reports are required. Hours and credits to be individually arranged. Mandatory Pass/Fail.

AVM 349-3 Readings in Aviation Management

The use of written and electronic media resources relevant to aviation management and the development of an aviation management research bibliography. The use of bibliographic resources to produce written comparative or persuasive research reports. Independent study. Prerequisite: AVM 300

AVM 370-3 Airport Planning

To acquaint the student with the basic concepts of airport planning and construction, as well as an investigation of various community characteristics and resources.

AVM 371-3 Aviation Industry Regulation

Students will study the various regulatory agencies of the industry and their functions. This course is writing intensive and reflects the College’s Communication-Across-the-Curriculum initiative. Prerequisite:English 101.

AVM 372-3 Airport Management

A study of the operation of an airport devoted to the phases of lighting, fuel systems, field marking, field buildings, hangars, and surrounding community.

AVM 373-3 Airline Management

A study of the administrative aspects of airline operation and management including a detailed study of airline organizational structure.

AVM 374-3 General Aviation Operations

A study of general aviation operations including fixed base operations (fuel, sales, flight training, charter, etc.), corporate aviation business aviation, corporate flight departments, executive air fleets, etc.) and the general aviation aircraft manufacturing industry.

AVM 375-3 Legal Aspects of Aviation

The student will develop an awareness of air transportation. The course will emphasize basic law as it relates to contracts, personnel, liabilities, and legal authority of governmental units and agencies.

AVM 376-3 Aviation Maintenance Management

To familiarize the student with the functions and responsibilities of the aviation maintenance manager. Maintenance management at the fixed base operator, commuter/regional airline, and national air carrier levels will be studied. Aviation maintenance management problems areas will be reviewed using the case study method.

AVM 377-3 Aviation Safety Management

This course will survey the various aspects of aviation flight and ground safety management. Weather, air traffic control, mechanical and human factors in aviation safety management will be reviewed. Case studies of individual aviation accidents and incidents will be analyzed.

AVM 385-3 Air Transport Labor Relations

The legislation governing labor relations in the U.S. consists of two pieces of legislation, the Railway Labor Act for labor relations in the railroad/airline industries; and the National Labor Relations Act for all other industrial sectors. This course focuses on the examination of air transport labor relations in the context of these key laws. Students will apply this knowledge in mock negotiations.

AVM 386-3 Fiscal Aspects of Aviation Management

An introduction to the fiscal problems encountered in the administration of aviation facilities.

 AVM 401-3 Analysis of Issues in the Aviation Industry

The identification and study of current economic, regulatory or operational issues impacting the aviation industry. The use of both written and oral reports to present a critical analysis of selected topics. Independent study. Prerequisite:AVM 349.

AVM 402-3 Aviation Industry Career Development

Provides description of the employment in the aviation industry, as well as applying for such employment. Also covered: Professionalism, professional ethics/integrity, workplace behavior, personal assessment, resume construction, interviewing skills, writing cover letters, the use of references, networking, employment referral agencies and continuing education.

AVM 450-3 Management Problems in the Aviation Industry

The identification and study of problems related to management within the aviation industry. The application of aviation management theories, concepts and practices to the identified management problems. The use of written and electronic media research resources to produce a written problem solving report. Independent study. Prerequisite: AVM 401.