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Air Traffic Control Minor | Aviation Management | SIU

Air Traffic Control Minor

The purpose of this minor is to prepare students who wish to enter the air traffic control (ATC) field.

Our Aviation Management instructors have decades of aviation industry experience that they bring to their classrooms. Our faculty's experiences in both the civilian and military sides of the ATC field allow them to provide experiential knowledge to students. The addition of $650,000 in ATC radar and tower simulators that are part of the Transportation Education Center (TEC), which opened in 2012, will recreate the feeling of being in an actual control tower, giving students a practical training environment.

The minor will consist of a total of 12 hours of coursework:

AVM 361--Basic Air Traffic Control*
AVM 362---Advanced Air Traffic Control
AVM 460---National Airspace System

*The two prerequisites to AVM 361 Basic ATC are AF 205--Instrument Flight Theory and AF 311--Aviation Weather

Students who wish to learn more about this minor should contact their advisor.