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Ryan Buttney and Dan McMahon

Ryan Buttney and Dan McMahon

This cockpit photo is of Ryan Buttney (foreground) and Dan McMahon, both alums and both former Flying Salukis. They were on the Flying Salukis team, photo below, that won our first National Championship in the "modern era" (since 1984)! Ryan is right behind the trophy and Dan is right behind him over his left shoulder in the lavender shirt! They both come back for events on campus, or, for the SIU Aviation Golf Scramble.

The cockpit photo depicts them getting ready to take a Delta Boeing 767 from Seattle to Tokyo, Japan last year (2019). Ryan is in the jump seat and is an "International Relief Pilot" who relieves a crew member about six hours into the flight. So, only 8 years after graduating, they are flying internationally for one of the largest U. S. Airlines.

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