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Assessment Data

The Aviation Flight Assessment Report is submitted annually to SIUC's Office of Assessment and Program Review since 2011. The Assessment Plan is required every four years. A listing of the most recently submitted Plans and Reports for all programs housed in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts can be found here.

The AY16-17 Aviation Flight assessment data is currently being collected for analysis and submission to the Office of Assessment and Program Review no later than December . The updated Assessment Plan and Assessment Report will be posted when they become available.

AY15-16 Assessment Report

AY15-16 Assessment Matrix

AY14-15 Assessment Report

AY14-15 Assessment Matrix

AY13-14 Assessment Report

AY13-14 Assessment Matrix

AY12-13 Assessment Report

AY12-13 Assessment Matrix

AY11-12 Aviation Flight Assessment Plan

AY11-12 Aviation Flight Annual Assessment Report

Aviation Flight Assessment Report January 2012.pdf

Assessment Data Form 2011.pdf